Registration is open to the adults suiting competition’s guidelines / rules.  Registering to a competition implies paying a registration fee whose amount and deadline are established by the competition’s calendar.

YAC is allowed to freely use and spread over submitted material. YAC is allowed to spread over such material through paper issues / web issues. YAC is not responsible for potential privacy / copyright violations related to submitted material.

YAC is not responsible for misinterpretation of provided material. YAC is allowed to amend through its channels uncertain terms of the competition or doubts.  Jury’s decisions are incontestable. YAC’s decisions on defects of form or other issues are incontestable.

Participants who do not respect deadlines, payments or any other restraint are without questioning and automatically excluded from the competition. YAC is allowed to ask for personal data concerning participants’ date of birth and ID.

YAC is not responsible for technical malfunctioning of its web platforms. For possible problem, YAC provides technical assistance for any issue.

Paying a registration fee enables one project’s uploading procedure. It is possible to fulfill further payments in order to upload further projects. Registration fees are not refundable.

YAC is allowed to use participants’ data within its architectural competitions’ environment. YAC is allowed to communicate news and updates on architectural competitions.

Entering the competition implies accepting rules and guidelines, accepting terms and conditions.

All competitors agree to the collection, use and sharing of the provided information under D.lgs. 196 / 30 June 2003. All competitors YAC to share such information with its scientific committee.

Any competition does not constitute, under no circumstances, a rewards program according to art. 6 of Italian Presidential Decree DPR 430/2001.

The prizes are not subject to the taxation at source according to art. 30 of Italian Presidential Decree DPR 600/73, as for the resolution n. 1251 of 28th October 1976.

 The awarded person has to take on his/her obligation to include the value of the prize and the amount of money received in his/her annual tax statement in order to establish his/her taxable gross income. 

By uploading a project, a competitor/his team declares to be the owner of all rights related to the project uploaded.

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